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Marketers don't have time to investigate where mobile links or consumer experiences are breaking, yet these challenges are causing them to waste millions of dollars each year.  

Leveraging AI developed to maximize conversion, PostTap identifies where traffic is breaking down, where inventory is no longer available in apps, where deep links won't open, where platform browsers restrict links to apps - and autocorrects the experience to maximize ROI for marketers on any channel.

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CRM Marketers have Realized that SMS and Email, both Mobile First Channels, are underperforming due to Broken Mobile Links and Experiences

PostTap leverages AI and billions of dollars of commerce intelligence to maximize the value of every shopping journey. Apps convert 3x higher than mobile web, and as a result, marketers that are more successful linking into apps will drive higher ROI, hit their goals, and beat their competition. Button's PostTap product makes that easy.

PostTap also helps CRM Marketers capture new 1st Party Data like Email and Phone Number while driving App Installs from Dynamic Landing Pages

Early customers leveraging PostTap Landing Pages to collect SMS and Email subscribers and AI powered traffic optimization via Button links in their SMS and Email campaigning are seeing incredible results


ROI for SMS and Email Subscribers PostTap Landing Pages Collect


New, opted-in subscribers for every 1,000,000 visits


Average Lift on SMS and Email Revenue when Button links are used

Grow and scale your subscriber list to create a new revenue channel

PostTap will enable collection of SMS and Email subscribers without requiring you to add code or latency to your site.  

With built-in holdout groups, PostTap will ensure that downstream conversion is not degraded while still collecting the highest number of subscribers to build your SMS or email programs.

Let's talk about privacy

The world is quickly moving away from Device ID-targeting and profiling towards one of explicit consumer opt-in. Take advantage of this opportunity to build a new, direct and intelligent relationship with the original, opted-in, mobile-first customer identifier — their phone number!

• SMS is a new, high-attention channel for brand messaging and an established and comfortable one for users.
• SMS is regulated and requires that opt-ins be explicit and respected
• Button can pass 1st party data collected to any CRM, SMS provider, or DMP partner you work with.

Embrace user opt-ins and drive both immediate and long-term sales!

Why use Button's PostTap?

Button builds commerce & conversion technology for the world’s most innovative marketers seeking to drive more value from their traffic.

  • Mobile traffic is littered with challenges, and no company other than Button is built to solve those problems while increasing ROI
  • Apps are the future of engagement, and Button's patented PostTap product enables app acquisition and engagement to help marketers surpass their goals
  • No solution provides the flexibility, customization, or personalization at scale like Button's PostTap product - enabling every link and every traffic source to be treated uniquely with no code required.

Ready to learn how you can start driving higher ROI, leveraging AI to deliver the outcomes that matter most, and unlocking the power of your mobile app?

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