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Transform visitors into loyal customers with personalized re‑engagement in the highest attention channel — SMS.

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Unlock a new revenue channel with SMS

PostTap SMS brings Button’s commerce intelligence to every shopping journey. Turn visitors into subscribers, building long-term opted in relationships, and intelligently re-engage those customers to ensure that you only pay to acquire each customer once.

PostTap is the first mobile messaging and re-engagement platform built for the enterprise and trusted by many of the biggest, and most forward-looking Brands in the US.

In a world where privacy and user opt-ins are paramount, intelligently personalized SMS gives you a new, massively valuable channel to activate customers.

What the data is showing us

Early customer tests demonstrated immediate value by simply enabling PostTap SMS.


New sales for every SMS sent


New, opted-in subscribers for every 1,000,000 visits


vs. program cost

Grow and scale your subscriber list to create a new revenue channel

Users less likely to convert will be presented opportunities to enter their phone numbers to subscribe. Upon enrolling, users immediately receive welcome messages along with promo codes.

Let's talk about privacy

The world is quickly moving away from Device ID-targeting and profiling towards one of explicit consumer opt-in. Take advantage of this opportunity to build a new, direct and intelligent relationship with the original, opted-in, mobile-first customer identifier — their phone number!

• SMS is a new, high-attention channel for brand messaging and an established and comfortable one for users.
• SMS is regulated and requires that opt-ins be explicit and respected
• Users that explicitly opt-in activate and engage at an incredibly high rate

Embrace user opt-ins and drive both immediate and long-term sales!

SMS is the highest attention channel where customers are looking for personalized, relevant content and offers

SMS is exploding

Users are tired of email marketing — open and click rates make that clear. Not only is email crowded, poorly opted into and easily lost to junk folders, it’s also too often used to broadcast non-relevant messaging to all customers.

SMS is a new channel and PostTap SMS is designed to help you take advantage of it with personalized, relevant re-engagement that drives conversions.

Build smart campaigns based on users’ activity


Trigger re-engagement messages when customers visit but don’t check out.
  • Link customers directly back to products they viewed
  • Include targeted discounts

Welcome Drip Campaigns

Enroll new users in sequences of messages designed to help them to discover the breadth of products and features available.

Drip campaigns help to keep users engaged after their initial purchase and bring users back for a second purchase faster.

Personalize and Test Messaging

Run variants of your user onboarding widget, modifying the copy and colors or introducing and changing a user offer.

What happens if you include a 5% discount for signing up?
How about do users want to “join your club” or “sign up for updates”?

Learn with Collection campaigns.

With PostTap SMS, you can be up-and-running, building an opted-in subscriber base and driving more sales with re-engagement.... in days, not months.

Messaging and measurement at your fingertips

Launch, Measure, and Learn

Spin up new campaigns, or dive into the performance of your running campaigns in the PostTap Dashboard.

  • See & browse your subscribers
  • Understand campaign & message conversion rates
  • Create new campaigns designed to activate new or existing customers

Why Button?

Button builds commerce & conversion technology for the world’s’ most forward looking Brands.

  • Personalized re-engagement designed to create great customer experiences that convert — now, and in the long term
  • Smart audiences trained on billions of dollars of sales to target the right customer with the right message
  • Works across your web and app properties

Ready to build your newest, highest-value channel?

Get started with PostTap SMS today.