PostTap by Button

Button has built PostTap, a first of its kind platform designed to supercharge your paid marketing spend.

Button’s PostTap platform empowers marketers to achieve their most important outcomes - increasing app acquisition, building a new marketing channel and subscriber list through SMS, and through improving conversion rates in mobile through optimized deep linking.

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Introducing PostTap SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the newest feature in the PostTap platform. Collect first-party numbers for brands (a key trend in post-iOS 14 world) to create a new channel to drive additional revenue.

Typically, only 1.5-3% of inbound traffic converts. With PostTap phone number collection, re-engage with an additional 7% of potential shoppers to drive increased conversion and repeat purchase.

Grow and scale your subscriber list to create a new revenue channel

Users less likely to convert will be presented opportunities to enter their phone numbers to subscribe. Upon enrolling, users immediately receive welcome messages along with promo codes.

Re-engage with potential customers to drive additional sales

Automatic, smart re-engagement via text turns low propensity shopping trips into long term relationships with customers. Users who do not purchase receive re-engagement messages with promo codes 48 hours after they bounce from your site.

Note: users will only see the signup prompt once every 30 days so future journeys will not be impacted.

Create a New Revenue Generating Channel

Button marketers are seeing immediate value:


Sales per SMS sent




of traffic turn into opted-in SMS subscribers

Why SMS?

SMS Marketing is a new channel that is exploding:

98% Open Rate
36% Click Through Rate
100% Users Choose to Opt-In

Participate in Our Pilot Program

Participating in the pilot is free and requires zero technical integration, but only 10 brands who apply will be eligible based on traffic volume and the offer provided via your promo code.

• 4 week pilot period
• Enable SMS collection (the opted in phone numbers are yours)
• Automatic welcome messages with promo codes
• Automated re-engagement messages after 48 hours for abandoned shopping journeys
• One readout with our team after the 4 week period

As a pilot partner, we want your feedback to help us shape the future of our products that work for your needs and goals. Our team will set up regular feedback sessions so that we can learn about your experience as you pilot our products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set this up with CJ?

Ask your CJ team to approve redirecting traffic to Button as well as passing us conversion files.

Will my text-based sales steal credit from my publisher sales?

All orders within your attribution window will be credited to the initiating publisher. PostTap serves as an optimization layer to generate additional sales through CJ.

Do I need to push a program term to participate?

No! Any sales that take place following the welcome and/or re-engagement message will be credited to the initiating publisher, so long as it takes place within their attribution window.

Improve the way you engage customers

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